Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide for You

Your bedroom is your last sanctuary. After all the hard work and stresses of life, it is the place where you can lay your back, relax and rejuvenate your physical and emotional energies so that you can face the next day with greater optimism and health. It is therefore important to invest in very good quality bedroom furniture that will help you create the kind of room that you desire and with the range of ArmadiCasa modern furniture in Miami, you will be able to achieve just that.


Just like in your living room, the choice of the bedroom furniture must not be taken for granted. It is possible to find excellent quality that is sleek and modern and which will create the right kind of spaces and modern the right kinds of moods that will make your bedroom one marvelous place. But how do you go about buying modern custom furniture for your bedrooms? Bedroom furniture purchases ought to be a once in a lifetime investment so it is very important to get it right.

Here is a simple guide to help get the best value in the market:

The bed

Along with the mattress, this is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. Well, it wouldn’t be called the “bedroom” without the bed, right? You can choose a bed design from ArmadiCasa that will make a true style statement adding both elegance and comfort to your bedroom. Alternatively, you can choose one that functions just as a place to lay your head without any stylistic considerations. Since it always makes sense to create some beauty in our lives and homes, it helps to choose those furniture pieces that will actually add value in our lives and you can find these at the ArmadiCasa website.

When planning your bed design, it is important to first begin by deciding on the right size of mattress that you plan to purchase. Tall people who love stretching on their beds can choose the bed designs that do not incorporate the footboards in the designs. Most modern furniture sets feature the low profile designs although you may still opt for the high profile designs. All this depends on your unique tastes and preferences when choosing the bed style.

It is also important to take a look at the proportions of the bed. While the bed is the main feature of the bedroom, it is important that it does not overcrowd the room. You may want to add additional pieces of elegant modern bedroom furniture such as a bedroom chair, nightstands, dressers or even the armoire.  The bed should appeal to your style but should also create comfort in your own little bedroom space.

The nightstands

When you are planning to buy the nightstands, it is important to put the bedroom proportions into consideration. The night stand can be attached to the bed and should be the same height as the mattress although it should be detachable for ease of moving.  When it comes to the choice of the nightstands for your bedrooms, you can choose from varied styles. If love a “Maharaja-style” luxury, you may choose to make them more ornate and impressive or you can go with the minimalism of the modern bedroom furniture designs.

These can also act as beautiful and functional modern bedroom furniture pieces with drawers where you can store some of your prized furniture pieces. You can go for neutral colors like black and white or for bolder colors if you want something that matches your walls.


The type of dresser that you purchase will be largely dependent on the functionalities. If you are low on the closet-space, you may opt for the larger dressers. If you have lots of closet space, then a smaller dresser would do. Take the spaces in the bedroom into consideration when you are planning to invest in a dresser.

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