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Affordable and Tastefully Luxurious Houses From an Award Winning Home Builder

You’ve dreamed of owning your own house. Now that you are ready to have one built, you’re faced with choosing from a never-ending list of house designs. You must consider your lifestyle, the natural landscape and whether it is marketable in the future. But no need to worry because the basic division of that infinite list of house designs consists only of free-standing or single-family house and different attached or multi-user dwellings. Of course, they differ in size and amount of people they accommodate. Most terms used for house designs are given only to describe their unique styles.

Display Homes

You see them on subdivisions or newly built developments. Called such because they are models or show versions of what home builders do. The beauty of these homes is they are most of the time, for easier visualization, equipped with not only of interior decoration, but also with appliances. Many home builders Melbourne has today give buyers the choice of buying display homes in their fully furnished state. These homes are of the highest quality because they showcase the builder’s best work. If the display home is on a display village, then, you are also assured of living amoungst pretty homes on your street.

Always a sure bet for a perfect long-term investment, these homes are also recommended for first-time investors to lessen the risk in their first years of portfolio building.

Split Level Houses

Though mentioned that basic division of house designs fall only in two categories, it cannot  be ignored that many home buyers want a house design that would not only “work” for them and their style but one they would also love for life.

Many home builders in Melbourne build split level homes.

Why split level houses?

* Many home buyers always think of the future. Many of them entertain the idea of no stairs for future ease of movement and safety of little children.

* It’s three levels of space: opening to a landing where you see the living room, dining room and kitchen, with a short flight of stairs leading up to the bedrooms and a half-flight of stairs, from the landing, to the basement for a recreation room or more bedrooms; makes it the perfect design for small and tricky lots, like hillside lots. Many call this style tri-level. Younger home owners find this floor plan perfect for entertaining.

* Designed to stand the test of time, it makes room for growing families with sureness of privacy.

* Their exterior may usually look like a Ranch home because of a low roof and large picture windows. Minimum decorative details and patio doors are trademarks. Some may have a Colonial or Tudor look because of detailing of wood, brick or stucco surrounding its windows. The minimalistic look lends split level houses a modern feel.

* The best for remodelling.

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